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Decorative Bonsai tree in brass and BLUE AGATE. The leaves in rough stones.

Blue Agate is a stone that soothes anger. When emotions run wild, when fear and stress are too present, the stone will be of great help.

It helps stabilize the body's energy. Hormones, the skeleton and the digestive system are in particular the points which can benefit the most from the positive action of the stone.

It has a powerful power on the thyroid in particular. It can also prevent ailments due to menopause.

Blue Agate is recognized for its virtues on the bones. Wearing an Agate bracelet in direct contact with the skin strengthens the skeleton. It relieves the digestive system. Digestion is easier and the pains are soothed. In general, the stone is beneficial on all hollow organs (uterus, stomach, bladder…).

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Approximate size 19 cm

Bonsai in BLUE AGATE

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