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Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection. It keeps negative energy away. It promotes perseverance to achieve its goals. It refocuses energy and thoughts to structure them, and give them logic and coherence. It also helps to remove discomfort, and alleviate depression and promote creativity.

The Onyx is the stone of stability and reinforcement. This stone is said to be linked to the root chakra, the one that sits at the base of the spine. Onyx helps build self-esteem, confidence, and self-control. It stabilizes people with fickle character and gives strength to face the upheavals of life.

The mineral and beneficial lava stone , it brings joy and appeasement. Its rough appearance contrasts with the softness, the warmth it contains. It positively influences the person who wears it, giving them courage, self-confidence, strength. Its firepower is transformed into positive power, its natural magnetism helps to overcome the difficulties of everyday life.

10mm stones 2 sizes

Men's Bracelet Tiger eye / lava / onyx stones

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